Talk on Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography

New updated version

This presentation is based around my experience of photography for over 20 years. Moving from a complete novice up to the standard of wildlife photography I currently enjoy. The presentation provides the information about wildlife photography that seldom appears in books or magazines, this information is sometimes simple but can make a huge impact on the success for the photographer.

The overall presentation is based on a digital slideshow and is supported by a selection of photographs (both good and bad) these photographs will highlight various problems and provide the photographer with the advice and knowledge that will enable them to increase their chances for success. The content of the presentation has been designed to include something for all levels of photographer from the beginner up to more experienced. To add some variety to the presentation I have included two new Audio Visual presentations that will show a selection of my work. The whole presentation lasts about 2 hrs with an allowance for a short refreshment break halfway.

See the latest Audio Visual .......


I will bring with me my laptop to run the presentation but I will need the club/group to provide their digital projector and screen, together with suitable connection leads and a power supply.

Main Topics

  1. Wildlife photography - what is it and how does it differ from other types of photography.
  2. Habituation - reveal animal habituation and it's impact on successful photography.
  3. Setup - Demonstration of the photographic kit I use.
  4. Lenses - explain the impact of differing lens types.
  5. Sharpness - why do you need to bother ?
  6. Focusing - look at the technical aspects and the impact of good focusing.
  7. Composition - Explore how good composition and a favourable background can impact your images dramatically.
  8. Mirrorless cameras - discuss the impact for the photographer. Are they the new future ?