Sights & Sounds Of Africa

If you have ever been fortunate to travel to Africa on a photographic safari you will know that your photographs however good they are will only ever give you a one dimensional memory of the scene at the time of taking that shot. It will never fully portray the experience of the moment.

The reason for this is the image can only display what you saw and photographed at that moment in time. What's missing are what your other senses recorded, mainly sound and possibly smell.

A Video Slideshow of Sights & Sounds Of Africa

The Sound of Africa

So I thought it would be good idea to add some background sound to my own photographs, it would help reveal the scene and enhance the enjoyment of my images in this video.

Sound Of Nothing

In our busy world the luxury of silence for most people is hard to find, nearly always there are usually noises to be heard coming from somewhere.


One thing I enjoy in the African bush is when the vehicle engine is turned off and then to listen to the silence.

Perhaps so quiet all you can hear is the wind gently passing through the grass, a sound you may never had noticed before because of other polluting noises nearby.

Some times so quiet it's as if your ears have been disconnected