RPS Fellowship Distinction Panel - African Wildlife

Here is a collection of photographs submitted as my RPS Fellowship panel - but sadly the panel failed, perhaps next time

Royal Photographic Society Fellowship Distinction - First Attempt

Statement of Intent

I purchased my first camera over 20 years ago specifically for a trip to Africa, it was there I developed my obsession for African wildlife photography. Africa was the start of my photographic journey it is only appropriate that my portfolio should depict my passion for photography in Africa.

Existence in the African bush is about life and death, some of the key elements of survival are reproduction, predation and the reliance on water, I wanted to include these aspects in my panel. I chose monochrome as I believe it can create powerful images that help focus attention on the subject whilst creating mood and interest.

It took me seven years to achieve the variety of photography, subject matter and settings that were suitable. Travelling to the open savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania, riverine areas of Zambia and the dry arid lands of Namibia.