My Associate Distinction (ARPS)

A Video Slideshow of the ARPS Panel Photographs

RPS Photographic Distinctions - ARPS

An ARPS submission takes the photography to the next level above that of the LRPS, firstly the photographer must decide which genre of photography the panel is going to base upon, I chose "Travel" because is a subject I enjoy. Secondly, the photographer must create a "Statement of Intent" which is a set of words that lays out what the photographer intends to produce in terms of a panel of photography, it's like a "Terms of Reference" for the photographic task at hand. Whereas the LRPS can be a variety of subject matter, the ARPS can only be photography based on the particular genre chosen and the panel of fiveteen perfect photographs must reflect the objective set out in the statement of intent.

The photography must have input and originality from the photographer, the photographers style must be consistent, with a high understanding of composition, lighting and viewpoint, high technical skills are a must.


(Travel Photography)

Statement of Intent

Having visited India a number of times I thought this country would be an ideal location to create my ARPS panel, I believed that India with its wide diversity of cultures could provide me with a wealth of photographic opportunities.

Although forts and palaces are considered some of the main attractions I also wanted my panel to include India's people.

I consider the spirit of India is its people and I wanted to depict them going about their daily routines and portray how sometimes colour is an important aspect of their life.


The journey started in the tourist hot spots of Rajasthan but quickly moved to the rural and remote areas of Rajasthan and finally finished up by heading south to Kerela on the south western coast of India.