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Photographic picture gallery by Paul Shilliam


Coconut Stumps

Title ID 0386

Fishing Boat

Title ID 1742

Double Dhow

Title ID 5656

Fishermans Cottage

Title ID 9952

Fishing Boat

Title ID 1499

Dhow Sunset

Title ID 5809

Sivota Harbour

Title ID 1941

Dhow Sunset

Title ID 5824

Safe Crossing

Title ID 0380

Morning Reflections

Title ID 0405

House Boat, Halong Bay

Title ID V0272

Dau Go Caves (Cave of Wonders) boat pier, Halong Bay

Title ID V0594

Rocky River

Title ID 1954

Wooden Pier, Kiwanga Beach, Zanzibar

Title ID 4078

Fishing Dhow, Kiwanga Beach, Zanzibar

Title ID 3763

Low tide, Kiwanga Beach, Zanzibar

Title ID 4123

Waterside Steps, Stone Town Harbour, Zanzibar

Title ID 4220

Denbie Vinery, Dorking, Surrey

Title ID 0773

Autumn view from Boxhill,Surrey

Title ID 0712