Talks on Photography
Typical Vietnamese Hat

Indonisia - A photographers paradise

This presentation is a photographic travelogue a of a 4 week journey through Indochina, travelling through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The aim of this talk is to highlight the trials and tribulations of travel photography and is fully supported by many photographs. Some photographs are just to show a point, others to support the story and a few more which are the successes of the trip. It will include some back ground historical information, together with some current facts about the countries today.

The overall presentation is based on a digital slideshow and the content of all my presentation has been designed to include something for all levels of photographer from the beginner up to more experienced. To add some variety to the presentation I have included an AV that will show a selection of my work taken whilst on this trip. The whole presentation lasts about 2 hrs with an allowance for a short refreshment break halfway.


I will bring with me my laptop to run the presentation but I will need the club/group to provide their digital projector and screen, together with suitable connection leads and a power supply.

Main Topics

  1. The Journey - where in the world is Indochina and how easy is it to get there
  2. The Countries - I discuss the countries and provide some interesting facts and figures about each one.
  3. The History - I will also look at the history of this war torn part of the Asia
  4. The People - The main focus of the visit was to photograph the people who's colourful dress was a highlight of the trip.
  5. The Photography - There are plenty of photographs for members to see that Indochina is an excellent destination for good travel photography.