Talks on Photography
One that failed - can you spot the error

RPS Distinctions - The photography was the easy bit !

This presentation is a talk about the trials and tribulations of my journey when attempting to obtain the Royal Photographic Society's LRPS and ARPS distinctions. It took me two attempts to pass each distinction and each time it was not the photography that failed but my understanding of what was expected and how I interpreted the requirement. This presentation endeavours to divulge those aspects that are not always apparent.

I will discuss the LRPS and ARPS panels separately and look at how they differ in terms of subject matter and quality of photography. I will show how and why the successful photographs were an improvement at the second attempt, sometimes the difference between success and failure can be small, so getting the little things right is essential.


The talk will consist of a part PDI presentation and part presentation of prints. I will bring with me my own laptop to run the presentation but I will need the club to provide their digital projector and screen, together with a power supply.

I will need the use of the clubs lighted print projection stand to display the prints, ideally if the club has a general display stand I could make use of this for the members to inspect the prints and make their own comparisons.

At the end of the presentation I will show a short audio visual depicting some of the photographs that were worthy of consideration but not selected as part of the final panel(s). The whole presentation lasts for about 2 hours allowing for a refreshment beak part way through.

Main Topics

  1. Standard of photography - what is expected
  2. The panel - important considerations
  3. Optimum picture size and mounting - right sizing can make a difference
  4. RPS advisory days - are they important
  5. My successes - reasons why they worked
  6. My failures - why they failed